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Micet Mission
Create a passionate, efficient and elite team; Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high quality brewing systems; Lead the brewing industry with innovative ideas
Micet Vision
To be the world’s leader, benchmark and model in beer brewing equipment manufacturer;
To be a home for employees to pursue their personal development and learning;
To build partnership system and dedicated dedicated for distributors.
Micet Value
Work rigorously and with honesty. Act in a practical and steady fashion.
Constantly strive for perfect product, put customer service first.
Micet Quality
Quality is the endorsement of the product, no produce no sell low quality products.
Talent and innovation
Hiring employees with 3D technology experience;
Have employees adhere to the standard system;
Educating employees by sharing learning;
Keeping employees by making them part of Micet family and culture with the highest level of respect.

Micet Origin
MICET (Innovative & Craft Brewing Equipment) was founded by Ms. Nancy Shang along with the help of her Canadian strategic partner Mario Bourgeois from Brewery Trader. Blessed with a beautiful life, Ms. Nancy Shang saw the potential of opening her own beer brewing equipment factory. She has worked many years in the brewing equipment manufacturing sector and knows that it takes dedication, hard work and strict quality control to deliver the perfect brewing system. Her goal is to become an industry leader in the brewing equipment manufacturing sector.
Micet Strategic Planning

1. To acquire hundred acres of land to build a state of the art production facility which will integrate research and development and work on scientific and technological achvements for various industries and governments around the world
2. Hire new employees to follow our expansion and make them join the Micet culture where everyone is respected and enjoy working with the Micet family. We want our team members to enjoy a family oriented work environment where they find pleasure in coming to work everyday.
3. Built the largest industrial tourism project in Asia---Brewing Brewing Equipment Brewing Center, integrates the whole process of beer equipment, full brewing process how, beer making from raw materials, brewing, filtration, filling, etc., Meanwhile as for the beer storage, will develop Micet cellar, so that each visitor can enjoy our beers brewed on our systems.
4. Stock reform is imperative. Once Micet becomes a full-fledged company, Micet will extend the shareholding structure to bring onboard management, technology, operations and sales in a predetermined sequence.