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Product name:1500L Beer brewing conical fermenter

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Detailed introduction
Micet- 1500L  Beer Brewing Conical Fermenter, buy fermenters, buy brewing tanks, buy brewing equipment

Technical Parameters:
Fermentation Unit/ Unitanks fermenter

Standard stainless steel 60 conical cylindrical fermentation tanks

The fermenter is equipped with carbonation stone to use as an unitank and bright tank

Side shdowless manhole, multi-positioned butterfly valves, pressure gauges, fittings etc.,
30% headspace on top for fermenting
Material: SUS304 stianless steel
Insulation: PU-thickness: 100mm.
2 zone dimpled jacket on bottom and side;
Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water.
Stringent jacket leakage test by water and pressured gas.
360°coverage CIP spraying ball for cleaning.
Full sanitary sample valve
PT100Temp. sensor for high accuracy temperature control;
100% TIG welded joints;
Mirror polishing to 0.4μm without dead corner.
Design pressure 0.4MPa; Working pressure 0.2Mpa
Side shadowless manway 530*430mm
Rotation racking arm;
Dry hops adding port
Complete valves, fittings and all parts


Micet microbrewery equipment Production standard:

1. Construction by high quality SUS 304 food grade stainless steel, all pipes are sus304, all labels are English.
2. All tanks will be tested and detected in the NDT room after finished, to ensure no leakage.
3. All jackets will do air and water pressure testing, testing pressure: 0.4Mpa, working pressure:0.15Mpa;
1. All tanks will be pressure protection 48hours before leaving from factory;
2. All the welds are TIG full welding by water to ensure uniform and long life, and acid pickled and passivated.
3. All butterfly valves are SUS 304 multiple positioned type;
4. All tanks are mirror polishing inside, all ports are recessed type.
5. EPDM gaskets for manhole.


Equipment Packing & shipping:
1.All tank ports packed with plastic cover prevent dust from going in the tank keeping them clean.
2. All tanks will be cleaned before loading, removal of polishing compound;
3.Tri-clamps and seals are packed into separate boxes or bags.
4. All stand tanks will be packed with PE films and bubble plastic, and to fix to the inside of container.
5. For horizonal tanks, will be packed through steel frame on cradle and secured with bolts. Secure one end of the cradle the leveling feet threads. Weld the bolt to the Add a spot weld to the bolt to prevent it from becoming loose



1. Team: Boss Nancy: 8 years international sales experiences, customers all over the world and understand the characters of different countries client, honest, frank and trustworthy, value quality and services, so named the company MICET;
Production director: 10 years experiences in production, very good at communicating, workers management and quality control; Inspector: 7 years, good at production process control, testing, inspection, shipping safety, etc.,
Technician: design engineer graduated from brewing university and 7 years experiences in designing CAD, 3D.
After-sale engineers doing installation 9 years; Purchase engineers rich experiences on installation, brewing and designing.
2. Quality control: Our factory adopts 5S management, professional and strict inspection and testing process, each orders will have a inspection record from materials checking, production progress, finished product to delivery and packing,.etc. our goal is to mostly control the quality to reduce client's trouble even good after-sale
3. Configuration: High Standard design, global brand components, fittings, valves.,
4. Attitude: From when we build the brand, we want to do high-end products, you can see from our company mission, vision and value. We focus on high-end product line and insist on craftsman spirit, perform strict quality control and process testing in production to ensure that customers have good expectations for equipment and on-time delivery. 


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