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Product name:2000L Microbrewery Completed Plant

Product number:2000L Microbrewery Completed Plant

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Detailed introduction
This set of 2000L brewery plant is combined with Mash/lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool tank, and double brewed hot liquor tank, which was designed and installed for commercial brewery in Romania. The configuration as follows.

1. Malt transporting system

2. 2000l Brewhouse Unit
Mash/Lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool tank
Two stages stage heat exchanger for wort cooling
Sanitary SUS 304 wort pump
Special designed balance tank horizonal, full stainless steel
Water leaking work platform
Hops filter before exchanger after whirlpooling
5000L Double sized hot liquor tank
ABB CE certificated HLT pump

3. 2*4000L Fermentation Unitank Unit
Standard stainless steel 60 conical cylindrical fermentation tanks
Single size as brewhouse used in microbreweries
Tanks quantity is exactly calculated by fermentation cycle for various beers
Side shdowless manhole, multi-positioned butterfly valves, pressure gauges, fittings etc.,

4. Glycol cooling system
1*20P Glycol chillers
Inside packed with glcyol tank
cold liquor pump CE listed

5. 200L CIP cleaning system
200L Alkali tank with heating function BSP fitting
200L Sterilization tank
ABB CE certificated washing pump
Coontrol cabinet

6. PID semi-automatic control system
Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for brewhouse
Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for cooling parts
Temperature controller, thermocouple, solenoid valves etc are included

7. Automatic Canning system
3 in 1 combined automatic cans filler/washer and capper
Electric components CE certified
Automatic labeling machine

More details, pls contact with: anna@micetbrewing.com
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