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Product name:1000L 3 Vessel Micro Brewery Equipment

Product number:MICET-MB-500L

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Detailed introduction
1000L Micro Brewery Equipment for sale/ Micro Brewery Equipment

Main tank: Mash/lauter, Whirlpool tank, Brew kettle(Infusion brewing)
                    Mash tun, Lauter tun, Whirlpool/Kettle(Decoction brewing)
Standard configuration:

1.Malt Miller 300kgs

2.Brewhouse System

-Installed rakers and false buttom for grains separation

-Usage: wort boiling and whirlpooling

-Wort Whirlpool-sanitary centrifugal mash pump activate the whirlpooling.

-Heating: electricity gas fired or stream 

-Top domed manway door/glass manway door 400mm

-PT100, connected to the controller for automatic temperature controlling

-Wort pump:food grade sanitary and high efficiency wort pump

-Wort cooling: Two stages or single stage Plate heat exchanger

-360°spray ball cleaning with high efficiency

-Heat exchanger, SS for inter and outernal

-All necessary pipings, pipes and fittings

3.Fermenting System-Glycol cooling jacket beer fermenting tanks 

-Usage: fermentationmaturation and storage

-Top domed with conical bottom

-Material: SUS 304, inner thickness 3mm, outer thickness2.0mm, Insulation: PU80mm

-Top manway/side manway 330*430mm

-Cone bottom, 60 degree

-Pressure gauge, Safety/vacuum valve

-Cooling jackets on both cylinder and cone

-Temperature sensor, PT100

-SS legs and feet with adjustable bolts

-Inside 360 rotating CIP ball

-Working pressure: 0.15Mpa, Testing pressure: 0.3Mpa
-Carbonation stone (optional)

- Dry hops port (optional) 

- Rotating Racking arm (optional)

4. Cooling system

Glycol water tank: 1500L

Chiller/Cooling compressor: 1-Wall-mounted conditioner/ or Pro-chiller

2-Capacity: 5-7hp according to the capacities

5. CIP system

-Capacity: 50L, Water pump, 5t/h

-Portable pump optional


6.Controlling System
-PLC automatical control
-PID display semi-automatic control

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