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Product name:Manual Beer Keg Washing Machine

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Detailed introduction

                                                Manual Beer Keg Washing Machine

This type of manual keg washing machine have two types: Single keg station and double keg station, client can choose depending on the brewery capacity.

Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Outer Dimensions 1200*1500*1500 mm
Net Weight 200KG
Power Steam Heating: 3KW  Electric Heating: 18KW
Production Capacity 60-80 kegs/H
Applicable Kegs Keg with Diameter 250-500mm,  Height 360-600mm
Heating Way Electric Heating or Steam Heating
Washing Method Invert washing
Power Supply Voltage AC 380V  50HZ (customized)

Main function and feature
1、Manual operations, convenient and flexible.
2. Applicable for all kegs with keg spear.
3、With CO2 pressurization function.
4. Could product the single station or double station manual beer keg washing machine (user-selectable).

Working process
Fix the beer distributor--invert the keg on table board--Drain Residue--Water Rinse--Drain off—caustic washing--recycling--hot water rinse--Drain off--CO₂ pressurizing--take the bottles(cans)

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