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Product name:100/150/200L Beer brewing machine for school

Product number:MICET-PT-50/100/150/200L

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Detailed introduction

3 vessel Test Beer Brewing, beer machine

Used for Brewpub/school/Resturant/recipe brewing &testing
Capacity: Can also be 50L, 60L, 150L,200L/ 1.5bbl. 2bbl
                  Can be 2 vessel, 3 vessel, 4 vessel and 5 vessel.

Standard configuration:
Brewhouse set-up: 3 Vessel: Mash/aluter tun, kettle/whirlpool tank, HLT
Fermenting set-up: 3*Fermenter, 1* bright tank.
Cooling tank 200L/2bbl with 2 P chiller
CIP portable pump
Seperated control for brewhouse and fermenting 

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