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The trend of craft beer consumption continues increasing, le
Publisher:MICET.Release time:2019-04-21 21:33
In developed  countries such as Europe and American ,Beer industry has  been  into  maturity stage.The  traditional beer brewing ,manufactured in factory, can’t  satisfy  consumers  who lived in  Europe and American. Personal  flavors and beer contain less alcohol are getting more and more popular in  these  areas.  Under this background , consume turnkey beer has become a  new fashion in Eur and American.
According to industry research added,in the past  five years,the EU and the North American  craft beer market are raising  in  doubt digits.These areas are in a leading position in  global market. As the Turkey  beer are getting  more mature in the two ares, manufacturer will be inclined to seek rich market space through  the Middle East and the  Asia Pacific which were called Emerging economies.There is no doubt that large beer Groups will treat China market as one of  the core market.
Recently, Consumption upgrade become a  trendency obviously in our country .The citizens pursue high-quality  life day by day. Turkey are needed  munch and more to satisfy consumers.Furthermore,the population of returnees are larger,so they make a stronger desire. Research institute data showed that, although turnkey market are less than 1% in all our country beer market. However, when  the traditional beer  brewing was developed slowly,The turnkey market are growing 40% per year.
    The professors predict that  the market share of  turnkey  will  be getting faster year by  year  in future.As the market share raise  1% for average one year,then turnkey equipments  will   be   purchased 500000 kiloliter .100 kiloliter for a piece of equipment count,the turnkey equipments need  5000 sets equipment for every year. Corresponding to every year, Market size  will  reach about  5-6.5 billion yuan in domestic market.
According to the New Mates predict which was an international industry organization predict , Between 2018 and 2023,global turnkey equipments requirement compound growth rate reach 17.3%.Global Market Insights also predict
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