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MICET- Cross-Boarder Resources Integration Concept
Publisher:MICET.Release time:2019-04-21 21:33
 Micet adheres to the concept of "global operation, local wisdom" and seeks partners to develop this big market on a global scale. Micet is one of the major suppliers of brewing equipment and brewing engineering in the world, also excellent in the world. We have good cooperation with some big brewery company and have rich experience in general contracting of large-scale international beer equipment projects. With the network of foreign agents and partners in the global operation network, we will greatly enhance its global procurement, sales channel expansion, and lean production, and gradually move to the global market.
In the next step, Micet will be innovating in the concept of innovation (from 0 to 1 innovation), elite culture (seeking the world elite for a better future), craftsmanship (do the world's highest-end craftsmanship Equipment suppliers), future company market share, global manufacturing base and rich experience will help us strengthen our brand's global recognition.

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