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It's really good that our Micet's own Nancy and our engineer
Publisher:MICET.Release time:2019-03-11 15:28

It's really good that our Micet's own Nancy and our engineers came to UK to visit our local strategic partners DFR company, and also visited some local breweries and pubs. They had a nice meeting with them brewery consultant, really learned a lot about UK brewing technologies. 
Thanks for the good comments for our Micet's equipment and services, with their support, Micet and DFR will do better and better to serve for the UK brewing market to get perfect right system.

Micet always walk the right route, have a good direction. Establish a global agent model, and go abroad, visit local strategic customers, learn the local wine culture and crafts from all over the world, persist in innovation, and push Chinese beer equipment to the world!
Besides, we are looking forward and developing dealers for brewing equipment in all over the world.
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