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"Non-standard lean craft beer production management"
With the customers demand constantly changing, non-standard customized products are becoming more and more mainstream in order to meet market demands. However, non-standard customized products have certain limitations due to their non-standard features. But the control of quality, cost, and delivery time is still the core content of production management. The various tasks of production management must also focus on improving product quality, reducing production costs, and satisfying customer delivery time.
In order to achieve this goal, we must to analyze and formulate practical methods, according to analyze the non-standard characteristics of different products in different industries. The idea of lean production management is a modern production management idea that focuses on reducing waste and improving productivity.
Around the following four goals should be centered to arrange production activities:
* Completely eliminate various wastes and reduce production costs
* Strict pursuit of product quality, ensure product quality in the production process
* Create a work environment in which all employees can explore their abilities, based on respect for mutual trust and assistance.
* To create a production system and method that can adapt to market competition. We must do a good job in basic work if we want to achieve lean production.