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The ways to protect false bottom of lauter tank

In the process of lautering, we need to transfer the wort from lauter tank to kettle tank. It can realize by gravity or pump. Certainly filter by gravity is the best safe way to protect false bottom. To professional brewmaster, it also will be OK to transfer the wort by pump which helps save lautering time. Due to the pump speed is faster than filter speed, it may compact the spent grain and result in the pump run dry, thus, destroy the pump. So there still have some brewmasters consider make some improvements on brewhouse to better protect the false bottom:

1)Wort Grant:It is simply a small tank which direct contact with the lauter tank, the pump directly contact with the wort grant rather than lauter tank. So the wort can filter into wort grant firstly, then the wort will be pumped into kettle tank. It prevent the pump vacuum, thus protect the false bottom, also the tanks.
2)U-type Connection:There have two sight glasses. One is install above the false bottom, another is under the bottom of false bottom, so it can assure the pressure is same between above and bottom of false bottom.

Do you have more other ideas?