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The features and notes for Decoction mashing

The most difference for decoction mashing is that part of the mash need to be heated to boiling and mixed with the unboiled mash, then the whole mash temperature will be raised to a certain range that different enzyme needed.

1.The Decoction mashing could help to strengthen the gelatinization and liquefied which will help to get a higher yield.
2.The Decoction is suitable for the malts with not very good dissolving. It is mostly used for brewing bottom fermented beer. Both of the light beer and dark beer are available for decoction.
3.There will be a huge consumption of the energy for Decoction mashing, approximately 20% higher than infusion mashing. The multiple boiling usually cost a large amount of energy and time, so it is better to reduce the boiling frequency (1-2times) and boiling time (10-15 minutes for light beer, and 20-30 minutes for dark beer).
4.Turning on the agitator when mixing the boiled mash and unboiled mash and it is not allowed to transport the unboiled mash into the boiled mash.
5.The enzyme in the unboiled mash will be used for starch degradation, so the whole mash cannot be boiled, or all of the enzyme will be killed.